Seminar on new developments in ice hockey

Saturday June 25 and Sunday June 26 in Tilburg (NL)

The development of ice hockey is a challenge for all of us. Coaches, goalie coaches and supervisors are engaged with enthusing all players. Directors create the environment that ensures that everyone feels comfortable within the club and that everyone can develop at his or her level with pleasure. Referees take care of guarding the boundaries of the game and create a safe playing environment, in which young and older (established) referees feel at home. Ice Hockey Netherlands and the Belgian and Luxembourg ice hockey associations have joined forces to organize a 2-day event for all the stakeholders in our sport. A weekend that is full of interesting topics that contribute to the development of ice hockey in the broadest sense of the word.

The training of good players stands or falls with the availability of good coaches and supervisors. In the training process, therefore, explicit attention should be paid to this. The ice hockey associations of Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands see it as an important task and challenge to support the clubs and their directors, coaches and supervisors as well as possible. In this context, these associations are organizing an interesting seminar on the development of ice hockey for coaches, goalie coaches, directors and referee coordinators, supervisors and supervisors on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 June 2022 in Tilburg

This seminar is intended for participants from Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. There are four central meetings and sixteen workshops included into the program. During the plenary meetings, knowledge transfer is central. Four experts each present the latest developments in the sport of ice hockey from their own specialization. These presentations are attended by all seminar participants. In the sixteen workshops, the participants will translate the theory into practice in subgroups. The workshops are therefore thematically in line with the plenary presentations. The central question is always how we can make the latest developments in ice hockey applicable for the coaching and guidance of our (talented) players and players, coaches, supervisors and referees. It goes without saying that the participants can exchange ideas with each other within the workshops and learn from each other's knowledge, skills and experiences.

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International top speakers

  • Doug Mason

    Doug Mason

    Head coach Dutch Mens team

  • Michael Vernblom

    Michael Vernblom

    Swedish goalie development program

  • Joel Hansen

    Joel Hansen

    IIHF officiating development

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4 different tracks

  • Coaches


  • Goalie coaches


  • Leadership


  • Officiating development


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4 central presentations

How do you create a team from individual players?


There is no "I' in a team, "It is not about the name on the back, it is about the name in the front". These are just two quotes to indicate the team interest. The 'I' is subordinate to the 'collective'. During this presentation you will see and hear in an inspiring way how you can improve individual players by making your team stronger

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16 workshops

Coaches track

Create more fun for your players

By YAAP sports and performance psychologists

Leadership track

My recruitment and retention program

By Anders Wahlstrom

Goalie coach trajectory

Working on skills in young goalies

Mikael Vernblom

Officiating Development traject

Referee Recruitment Program

Joel Hansson, Marc Verlinden, Martin De Wilde

Coaches trajectory

How do I create a philosophy for my team?

Doug Mason

Leadership track

How do I create a vision for my club?

Kevin McLauglin

Goalie Coach track

Philosophy for goalies

Mikael Vernblom

Officiating Development track

How do I create a bond with my referees from a philosophy

Joel Hansson

Coaches track

Practice during training with match-related situations

Kevin Mclauglin

Leadership track

How do I ensure a structural structure of my youth teams?

Anders Wahlstrom

Goalie coach track

Teaching game insights for goalies

Mikael Vernblom

Officiating Development track

Reading and managing the game

Joel Hansson

Coach track

Individual coaching versus team coaching


Leadership track

Coach the coach program for associations

Mikael Vernblom

Goalie coaching track

Integrating goalies into the team

Mikael Vernblom

Officiating Development track

How do you create a team out of individual officials?

Joel Hansson

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