3 Hockey partner presentations

How can Video Streaming help with improving and growing our game

By Jarod Neumann (Sportway)

Video streaming plays a pivotal role in analyzing and enhancing ice hockey. It enables coaches and players to review games, refine strategies, and assess performances. Streaming matches allows teams to identify and correct mistakes, leading to a higher level of play. For fans, streaming provides the ability to follow their favorite teams and players regardless of location, expanding the fan base. It makes ice hockey more accessible to a wider audience and assists in attracting new viewers. The availability of live and on-demand content can boost the sport’s popularity and inspire a new generation of fans. Thus, video streaming is not just a tool for improvement but also an essential element for the growth of ice hockey globally.

The benefits and features of digitized practice plans

by IHS Ice Hockey Systems (TBA)

The use of digitized practice plans in ice hockey offers numerous benefits. They are easily accessible and can be quickly modified, saving time for coaches and players. The ability to share and edit plans promotes collaboration and knowledge exchange. Coaches can draw from a rich database of exercises and strategies, allowing them to respond more effectively to the team’s needs. Tracking player progress is simplified, leading to a more personalized approach to training. Additionally, digital plans can aid in analyzing performance and identifying areas for improvement. All this contributes to a higher quality of training and can significantly enhance on-ice performance.

The benefits of Athlete data and top performance

By Boris Juric (Ultrax)

Capturing athletes’ performance data and data analysis are invaluable for achieving top performance in sports. These data allow coaches and sports scientists to gain detailed insights into an athlete’s physical and technical attributes. Analyzing this data can optimize training regimens, reduce injury risks, and enhance overall performance. It provides an objective basis for feedback and progression, enabling athletes to maximize their potential. The use of advanced data analysis in training and competition has become a game-changer, pushing athletes to the limits of their capabilities.

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