4 central presentations

Member Recruitment and Retention

Anders Wahlstrom

Anders Wahlstrom's presentation focuses on Member Recruitment and Retention. What image do people have in ice hockey and how can you reinforce this image? During the presentation, Anders Wahlstrom will respond to best practice from Sweden. Despite a large number of ice hockey players, this Scandinavian country continues to face the challenge of recruiting enough new members from and retaining existing members for the sport of ice hockey. During this presentation, Wahlstrom pays a lot of attention to ideas to attract and retain new members to the ice rink. Central to this is how you as a coach and association respond to this.

Ice hockey philosophy

Doug Mason

Speaker Doug Mason discusses the ice hockey philosophy. How can you develop a vision in your team and club? How can you develop a way of working in response to that vision and also live by it? As a coach you are busy with your tactics and developing skill, but what do you really want to achieve with your team? Where do you stand in life? And what are the basic principles in the team?

How do I develop ice hockey experience? 

Kevin McLauglin

It is often said that a certain ice hockey player has experience. That is why he sees things better on and off the ice and responds better to them. Often these are older players and players. But how can you ensure that players have that access earlier? And how can you teach young players and players (earlier) more (game) insight?

How do you create a team from individual players?


There is no "I' in a team, "It is not about the name on the back, it is about the name in the front". These are just two quotes to indicate the team interest. The 'I' is subordinate to the 'collective'. During this presentation you will see and hear in an inspiring way how you can improve individual players by making your team stronger

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