16 workshops

Coaches track

Create more fun for your players

By YAAP sports and performance psychologists

Among YAAP sports psychologists, there is a strong belief that every talent in sports has the right to have fun. Pleasure in what you do and pleasure in your performance. That doesn't mean you don't have to work hard or everything should always be fun. No one gets any further by standing still. Training, suffering, and adversity are part of it. You cannot be your best self without overcoming obstacles and knowing yourself. This causes, sometimes only afterwards, a smile, satisfaction or joy.

Leadership track

My recruitment and retention program

By Anders Wahlstrom

In this workshop you will actively work together with other participants to develop a vision and policy regarding member recruitment and retention. Your ideas can be applied immediately the next day.

Goalie coach trajectory

Working on skills in young goalies

Mikael Vernblom

Young goalies consciously choose to be in the net. Stopping pucks is their driving force. In this workshop you will work to learn the basic techniques in young goalies.

Officiating Development traject

Referee Recruitment Program

Joel Hansson, Marc Verlinden, Martin De Wilde

During this workshop you will be given fundamental tools to enthuse young and older players to work as a game official. The result is to have more and enthusiastic referees available.

Coaches trajectory

How do I create a philosophy for my team?

Doug Mason

During this workshop you will get to work on formulating your team philosophy. A vision on which you will hang everything.

Leadership track

How do I create a vision for my club?

Kevin McLauglin

During this workshop you will get to work formulating your association vision. A general vision that is leading for all other activities within the club

Goalie Coach track

Philosophy for goalies

Mikael Vernblom

What is your vision on being a goalie. What are or will be your motives when learning the way of working with goalies.

Officiating Development track

How do I create a bond with my referees from a philosophy

Joel Hansson

In this workshop it is about - with your referees and linesmen - to develop a way of thinking that gives more guidance in modern ice hockey.

Coaches track

Practice during training with match-related situations

Kevin Mclauglin

In this workshop you will learn to come up with exercises that have a direct relationship with various competition situations.

Leadership track

How do I ensure a structural structure of my youth teams?

Anders Wahlstrom

In this workshop you will gain insight into the structure of your association from the bottom up and how you can coordinate this so that a good or better structure is realized.

Goalie coach track

Teaching game insights for goalies

Mikael Vernblom

During training and when coaching your goalies, it is important to create (game) insight. Which working methods can you use for this?

Officiating Development track

Reading and managing the game

Joel Hansson

Is every violation a violation? When can I 'let go' and when can I not? When should I call a tight game and when can you put more responsibility on the players. Answers to these questions can be found in this workshop

Coach track

Individual coaching versus team coaching


How do you guide individual players and how do you start conversations with them? In this workshop, ways of communicating with your players and players will be discussed.

Leadership track

Coach the coach program for associations

Mikael Vernblom

During this workshop you will actively think about coaching ice hockey coaches and putting together a coaching program for your coaches. This concerns both sport-specific and sport-generic guidance of your coaches.

Goalie coaching track

Integrating goalies into the team

Mikael Vernblom

The goalie is always an outsider in the team. How are you going to integrate the goalie more into the team? How are you going to involve the goalie more in the training sessions and the coach's game plan? You will receive answers and practical instructions about this in this workshop.

Officiating Development track

How do you create a team out of individual officials?

Joel Hansson

A referee team is rarely the same. Referees and Linespersons belong to a group and should work very good together. In this workshop we pay attention to how we create a game-team out of individual referees and linespersons.

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